Coal Tar Pitch

Hard Pitch Powder

Approx Price: Rs 40 / Kilogram 
We offer a varied and innovative range of Hard Pitch Powder to our clients. Our constant development through research and development has put forth all our chemical products and pitch powder is again the absolute result of it. These powders are used in following industries such as Foundry Industry for Lustrous Carbon, Carbon Raiser and Carbon Additive, Pitch Coke, Shale Stabilizing and Drilling Muds and Synthetic Natural Asphalt and substitute of Gilsonite.

  • High Softening Point
  • Excellent Binding Property
  • Highly Stable in High Temperature



    • Refractory Industry for Taphole Clay, Mudgun Mass and Mg-C bricks
    • Foundry Industry for Lustrous Carbon
    • Carbon Raiser and Carbon Additive
    • Pitch Coke
    • Shale Stabilizing and Drilling Muds
    • Synthetic Natural Asphalt and substitute of Gilsonite
    • Carbon Fibre
    • Defense Application
    • Special Application


        • Softening Point: 125 - 200°C ( As per requirements)
        • Beta Resin: Above 25 %
        • Ash : 0.8% Max.
        • Sizes: Lumps / Powder

        • Available in bulk in 50 kg HDPE bags / 25 kg HDPE bags

        Coal Tar Pitch

        Approx Price: Rs 28 / Kilogram 
        We are offering a wide range of Coal Tar Pitch. The coal tar pitch that we are supplying to our clients is widely used for manufacturing of basic refractories. The addition of coal pitch to castable refractory that is used for main troughs of blast furnaces is aimed to improve prevention of infiltration of slag and molten iron to the refractory.

        • High Thermal Stability
        • Excellent surface finish
        • Reduced Casting Defects

        We Match Following Parameters:
        • Softening Point
        • Quinine Insoluble
        • Toluene-Insoluble
        • Beta-Resin
        • Coking Value
        • Volatile Matter
        • Ash
        • Density and Viscosity
        • Sulfur and Metals


        • Liquid in Bulk / 1 MT Jumbo Bag / 50 kg HDPE Bags
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